Cheshire Website Design Secrets

Cheshire Website Design Secrets

These guidelines that will assist you if you are building your own WordPress website. Below are just some and  are not the only things you will need to know but just some good points to consider. We can help or even build the website for you and We can train you how to maintain or even build your own website just contact me to find out how CONTACT US. If you have any questions regarding any of this just get in touch We will be happy to explain in more detail Cheshire Website Design Secrets.


Think carefully about the reason for you website, it can be a lot of things, so you need to be certain what you need before you begin. For example a website that provides information when the user is directed to it is a different build than a site design that needs to work hard to attracting surfers to buy services or products. You can read more about this here.


Once you know why you are building the site then you need to plan the structure of the site. Start with a white page and look at and think about all the headings and sub headings you will need and how they will all link together to provide the surfer with a good experience. This will save a lot of time when it comes to building your site.


Now its time to think about the design and how it will look, the colours and the fonts need to be striking and bold without being distracting, it is proven that contrasting colours are attractive to surfers. Remember that phones and tables are used more than computer screen to veiw websites so you need to stand out from the crowd. Check this design I have recently completed for my client.

The next set of Cheshire Website Design Secrets are assuming you have a hosting solution and database built and your url is live. We can help with all of this at IM-UK.COM we host and managed the majority of our clients websites this is one


As you start to build, WordPress will have provided you with a theme this can be good enough or you can choose from many more free themes that are available choose carefully , remember  point 1. Will your theme allow you to do what you need your website for.


The next of the Cheshire Website Design Secrets is after you have chosen the theme. the content needs to be put in, again I would suggest do this in Word or any other word processor, it is more familiar to most and your content is spell checked and easily copied into your page or post. SEO is what drives ranking the relelvance of you content and the actual content is what surfers search for so choose you content and keywords to attract surfers.


The final  set of Website Design Secrets is using images it is important that images are relevant from the surfers point or are displaying the actual products. The more shots of a product you can show the easier it is for the purchaser to engage.  You must always use ALT TAGS with you images that are relevant to the page key words or phrases. this helps search engines when ranking your website.

We can do all of the above and have done many times. It can be complicated but it is achievable we have spend a long time learning how to do the above and more. If you would like a FREE website to try before you buy then contact me us will discuss with you your needs. We dont take every client only those that I feel are serious and need help. So contact to talk more about Cheshire Website Design Secrets