What we can do for you

Our social management team can provide training or take control of all your social media platforms.

We specialise in generic and paid campaigns and are results-driven. A clear Social media strategy is developed and before we move anything forward we get a complete sign off by your team. Below are our most popular platforms but we also manage others as required.


Facebook has a role to play depending on your market, these factors are considered as part of the social media strategy. Linked to Instagram this platform has paid and generic opportunity


Instagram is growing in business popularity the ability to add short stories and keep thing fresh enables the business to keep existing and potential new client visually informed.


Linkedin is a real opportunity for many businesses, with generic and paid opportunities LinkedIn can quickly put contacts together and with a business page potentially drive traffic and new business.


Twitter has been around since 2006 and has grown in popularity, a quick way to get your business noticed and to generate news around your products and services.

Our Service

All social media platforms can provide opp[ortunity if managed effectively. IM-UK offers two services.

The first is a fully managed service which is broken into two levels of service

The Level one package contains services that start with a social media strategy then moves on to delivering results across selected platforms. Content is generated and posted 3 times per week and a full monthly report is generated showing progress. The strategy is developed with your company and the defining goals are key to building the plan. Content, images, video can be arranged but is at an additional cost. It is preferred at this level that you provide the images and stories and we create the social media content.

Level Two contains the services outlined in Level One but increases the activity to 6 posts per week across selected platforms. Paid campaigns can be created and managed and full insights are reported on a monthly basis.