Your website is one of the first representations of your business, the products or services you sell and what most people today base their purchasing decisions on.
it needs to be easy to operate and easy to find what your potential clients looking for it.

IM-UK.COM will offer you a range of designs that will provide all of the tools that are required to operate in today’s environment. It must be responsive and fast loading, images must be compressed and SEO as standard needs to meet at least the minimum requirement.

Today, mobile browsing far outweighs desktop browsing when buying products and as such your website needs to be as attractive and informative on a phone as it does on a computer monitor.


We will work with you to develop a modern website that will meet desktop and mobile user needs. We will build you a demo site  FREE of charge with NO OBLIGATION before it costs you a penny.

The first step is to provide a website that meets the look and feel, based on a brief we will assist you to prepare. This briefing document provides us with an insight into what you desire and what the main task of the website is.  Once you are happy with the design we move on to the next phase. At this point, the DEMO website is populated with your content, and we train you to be able to amend and add content. This requires a 50% deposit with the balance paid only when you are completely satisfied.

*Full terms and conditions of sale are available during the process

This means you have direct input into its design and content and if you are not happy simply walk away. We want to only provide you with a product you will be completely satisfied with

So if you are looking for a new website design then we hope the offer of a free build with no obligation will convince you to let us help.


The look and feel of your website is purely your decision, we will guide you through the process, a lot of things are possible and few are not. Colours, layout, number of pages, fonts and headings are just some of the design elements we work with you to decide.

As mentioned before mobile devices are the most popular means of browsing, this means that work needs to be done to make sure image sizes are right and the information fits the screen. We work until both desktop, tablet and mobile are perfect.


The benefit of the website we will build you will mean that amends and updates to content can be performed by you. Of course, we will do that for you once the site goes live if that is what you need, we can arrange costs dependent on the amount of time required. We want all our website sites to be easily managed but recognise that sometimes our clients prefer we take care of that.

Finally, we want your website to be visible online. There are a number of factors that allow this to occur. Hosting your website, you may already have a hosting solution if not we can arrange that for you. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) is what you need to do to rank on the search engines. We offer this as an extra service each on a case by case basis.