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    Cheshire website designAt IM-UK.COM we consider a question ! why you need a website?  as  our website can have three potential uses each will have a different effect and each will require a different approach to getting it designed. At our Cheshire Website Design portal we will try to share with you the differences.

    1. The first website design is a Static Website, designed to show off your products or service. This website design needs to be easy on the eye and easy to navigate around. Often these websites are info site explaining a topic or promoting an event, often they do not sell anything. Sometimes the website is subliminally selling you a brand or a concept that at some point you will purchase. This site needs less SEO work as it is usually promoted in other advertising mediums.
    2. The second Cheshire website design is a call to action website that works to promote your product, brand or service. This design is more about function that pure design,  but remains to need to be easy on the eye. This design will most likely have prompts to products or services and have “contact us” on more than one page. The aim of this site is to generate leads that allows the website owner to go back to the website user and make arrangements to supply. This site will work for the business but will need careful attention to SEO.
    3. The thirds and final site from Cheshire website design is a full business site that generates sales. An e-commerce site of which there are many examples. Amazon is a prime example. These e-comms sites can be complex and the more complex the more expensive and time consuming they become. Loaded with products and sometimes services that the consumer can purchase, these sites can make a lot of money in the long term. The benefit of a good site selling popular products is the low cost of sales, where tradition selling costs are transpose for on line charges which are often less. It is very important to SEO this design as it will be linked to search term popularity from users who will generate sales. This Cheshire Website Design is a bit more expensive than the first and second due to the selling parts of the website design.

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